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The standards for Network Cabling are developed by the IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers)
The standards are broken down into Categories, which must meet certain requirements.
For example; You will hear of a Cat5e Cable, this means that it is of suitable manufacture that it will allow gigabit speeds of up 100 meters.



Microsoft Outlook and its Exchange Client uses a method called Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) to transport data across a Network.

The original TCP/IP model was developed in the 1970s for use in ARPANET. ARPANET was a Wide Area Network that predates the Internet. It was thought that this kind of Network would be used by military installations and Universities, and would be used to connect tens to hundreds of machines. Nothing remotely on the scale of what exists today.

At the time of writing this, the current version of Python is 3.8.1.
Python can be installed from https://www.python.org
Hover over the Downloads icon in the task bar at the top of the page, and download the latest version for your operating System.

Are you new to Linux and the Terminal? Perhaps you've installed the Operating System and are wondering what to do now. Maybe you are a Linux veteran and you want to remember some of those cool commands you may have forgotten.

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