A Year in Progress


Hi, everybody!

A new Decade is only days away, I have been making project and study plans for the year ahead.

Desired Academic Goals for 2020

- Learn Python
- Study and Pass CompTIA Network+
- Study and Pass CompTIA Security+

Those are my three main goals for the year ahead.
To learn Python, it would be beneficial for me to take part in the 100 days of Coding Challenge. I don't plan on starting this challenge until the Early Spring. This will enable me the time to prepare a number of challenges, so that I have a structured plan for each of the 100 days.

For Christmas I received the CompTIA Network+ exam guide by Mike Meyers, and I still have access to the Udemy course. If you would like to know where to find either of these resources, I'll add the links below:

- https://www.udemy.com/course/comptia-network-cert-n10-007-the-total-course/

- https://www.amazon.co.uk/CompTIA-Network-Certification-Seventh-N10-007/dp/1260122387/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=network%2B&qid=1577519752&sr=8-2

There are other resources available. However, for the time being these are the ones I am starting with, they also have really great reviews.

Since Boxing Day I've taken it upon myself to start studying the curriculum again from the beginning, and hopefully will be booking the exam within the coming weeks, with an aim of sitting it around April/May. I believe this will provide me with sufficient time to study the curriculum in depth and undertake numerous lab exercises, so that I'm familiar with the concepts.

If all goes according to plan and I sit and pass the Network+ exam, I will take a couple of weeks off studying before diving into the Security+. I plan on using the same method here, by booking the exam ahead of time, I will have to study and conduct lab exercises to familiarise myself with the concepts. This will hopefully conclude the later half of 2020.

Amongst the goals I have set for myself, I plan on documenting my progress within this blog. Unfortunately in 2019 the blog didn't go according to plan and didn't get updated as often as I would have liked.

That is all for now; What goals have you set for 2020?

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