Ethical Hacking


Kali Linux 2019.4

Today I started studying an Ethical hacking Course. The course I have access to can be found at the following link:

It was discounted in the New Year sale.
It has a lot of high reviews and boasts to teach a lot of Ethical Hacking skills, starting from a beginner level.

So far, I'm about forty minutes into the course content, and have sat through the preview of what the course has to offer.
I am just finishing up with Section two, which explains the resources that are going to be used to teach the content.
Using the available course resources, I have downloaded 32-bit Kali Linux and installed it within Virtualbox which I already had installed on my machine from when I have previously tested Virtual Machines.

It is important to mention that if you're downloading Virtualbox, then you must download the VirtualBox Extension Pack. Failure to install this will mean you don't get access to the full range of abilities that Virtualbox is capable of, such as; USB Support.
If you don't have VirtualBox installed, then it can be found here:

Download the correct version for the Operating System you are running.
The reason I have installed 32-bit Kali as opposed to 64-bit Kali, is because my System only has a small amount of resources to spare. This allows me to run the lab with minimal issues.
Through installing Kali 32-bit, I was able to allocate 2GB of RAM and 2 Processors and still allow it to run at optimal performance.

The requirements for this course include; Some basic IT skills and regular access to a computer.
All Linux and Hacking knowledge is to be taught within the course.

There is a section of the course that requires a specialist Wi-Fi adapter. The Wi-fi adapter needs to be able to support 'monitor mode'. A lot of Wi-fi adapters don't include this feature. It took me a lot of time to track one down, that I think will work.

This is the one I bought:

This adapter claims to support Kali Linux installations. It's due to arrive today, so hopefully I'll get to test that out later and progress further through this course.

I haven't yet decided. However, I may make this into a small series and combine it with my CompTIA Network+ and Python development as I feel it will all fit nicely together.