Funky Linux Commands


Are you new to Linux and the Terminal? Perhaps you've installed the Operating System and are wondering what to do now. Maybe you are a Linux veteran and you want to remember some of those cool commands you may have forgotten.

Listed below is a selection of Commands you can use in the Terminal for fun and to make life easier.

Are you feeling the chill this Winter Season? How about running a roaring fire from your Terminal? designed to thaw even the iciest of hearts.
To install the roaring fire, use the Command: sudo apt install libaa-bin
To start the program, type: aafire
When you have finished with the Program; press Ctrl + C, this will end the program and return you back to the Terminal screen.

There are two options for updating your Operating System with Ubuntu. There is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) option, if you choose this option; Navigate to the menu and look for the 'Software Updater' and follow the on screen instructions.
The cooler way to initiate the installation is through the Terminal. Simply enter the following Commands: Sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Running these two commands together will update your installation to the latest version.

*Disclaimer* Always backup your Data in a separate location before making any significant changes to your Operating System. This will help prevent significant Data Loss.

Next up in this list is one of my personal favourites: The Matrix Code!
To install this one, enter the Command: sudo apt-get install cmatrix
Once it has installed, simply type: cmatrix
This will allow the program to run. It will run continuously until you use 'Ctrl + C' to exit.

For a quick way to check the details of Linux you are running, open the Terminal and use the following Command: lsb_release -a
LSB stands for 'Linux Standard Base'. The Printout provides a description of the OS you are running, the release and its code name.

Type your hopes and woes on screen with 'cowsay'. Enter the command: sudo apt install cowsay
Once installed type: cowsay "Enter text here" (Speech marks are required)
This will print a cow with a speech bubble and the text you entered. Once 'cowsay' has been installed, you can also use the command 'cowthink' for a thought bubble. This works in the exact same way as cowsay.

Finally, would you like to watch Star Wars in the Terminal? Enter the following command:
Command: telnet
Now that you have entered the command, simply sit back with your popcorn as the movie unfolds.

I hope you enjoy using these commands as much as I do. If you know of any Commands I have missed and think should be in this list, please comment below.