Password Managers


Cyber security is now and always will be the most important topic when it comes down to an individual and their personal data.
Password Managers are a good way to keep that data secure whilst only having to remember one Password.
I have documented about two Password Managers that I have tested within the last couple of weeks and the features that they offer.

Alongside using a strong Passwords within a Password Manager, it is always a good idea to set up multi factor authentication.
One example of Multi factor authentication is by adding your phone number to the account; Every time you try to login to an account with Multi Factor, you'll receive a code from that site that you'll be required to enter along with your Password.


Admittedly I have only tried the free version of this Software so far. Although, it does offer the ability to save and access your Passwords across multiple devices; e.g. PC / Laptop and Smart Phones.
Amongst the other range of features, it does include a search function to determine whether your accounts have been compromised.
There is a Password generator which allows you to create Passwords using the Alphabet, Numbers and Symbols. Passwords that are generated can be anywhere between four and forty characters long.
Once an account has been added, Dashlane provides the ability to change the Password from within the Software and will store it for you, to save you going through the process of changing it yourself.
Although I haven't tried this, the software does come with a subscription service which is billed at £29.99 annually.
The Subscription version boasts unlimited Password storage for unlimited devices, Personalised Dark Web monitoring, and a VPN for Wi-Fi protection.
The VPN will provide an extra layer of security when your Device is connected to an unfamiliar Wi-Fi Network.
So far as usability goes, it appears to work well within my browser (Vivaldi/Safari) and doesn't cause any degradation in Service.


LastPass is similar to Dashlane and most likely a plethora of other Password Managers, in that it offers very similar features.
LastPass is similar in that it requires downloading to your browser. In this case I'm using Google Chrome. The auto fill feature is available for any website that you have visited previously and elected to save the credentials for. These are stored in a Personal vault and can be accessed by the person with the Master Password. LastPass also provides the option for an emergency contact to have access to saved details, should a situation arise where they would need access to your personal information.
Other features include; Password generating. It will create secure Passwords and store them in the vault to use between multiple devices.
Noteworthy features include being able to share passwords securely without the hassle of sending the data through a non-encrypted line. The Software also allows for the storing of digital information, such as; Insurance Documents and Wi-Fi Passwords.
LastPass offers a free subscription which allows use of the majority of features it has to offer.
There is a premium service which is billed at £27.50 annually, with the added features of tech support and encrypted file storage.
Following on from this, there is a family pass which is a bit more expensive but provides six licenses, so that families can share Passwords and data between accounts.

Topic of discussion: What is your favourite Password Manager and why?

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